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By Ane Olesen 23 May, 2016

Firetek RocketTM: The Firetek Rocket is launching into orbit as the newest addition to Zing’s Firetek line with lights and sounds, ready for outdoor day or night fun! Turn the light switch on the rocket to power up the action, Then, attach the Firetek light-up rocket to the launcher, pull the tab, and let it soar into the sky! Hear the whistle-screaming arrows in action as the rocket flies up to 250 feet high with just a simple flick of the wrist. The Firetek rockets are set to fly to incredible heights with long-lasting performance. Each set comes with two whistle-screaming light-up rockets and one launcher.

Price £9.99rrp, Age 5+, Available  Spring 2016

By Ane Olesen 23 May, 2016

Wet Head: Are you ready for some water filled fun? Take your chances with Zing’s all new water roulette game, Wet Head! Grab some friends, fill the Wet Head with water, strap yourself in and give it a spin. Wet Head is the hottest new game, great for 'Pie Face' fans and family fun.

Ready for more than one twist? Players have the option to play with the included spinner or download the free Wet Head Challenge app and ask each trivia questions. Players can also create their own way to challenge family and friends! Any way you play, you might just get soaked!

The Wet Head Challenge app, available on iOS and Android in March 2016, includes fun trivia questions and a special recording feature. The record feature allows players to capture every drenching moment and share their videos on YouTube or social media. Use #WetHeadChallenge to join in on the splash of fun and to see what others are posting! Will you be the next Wet Head?

Wet Head comes with one hat, eight pins and a spinner. 

Price £19.99rrp, Age  4+, Available Spring 2016

By Ane Olesen 12 May, 2016
WowWee is inviting the media to an exclusive press launch of the new 2016 range. Attendees will get the chance to play fetch with ChiP, the robot dog, outwit LUMI, the gamified drone, learn emoji coding with COJI and pitch their racing skills against the AI driven REV Air drone and vehicles.

Available to show for the first time in the UK, the WowWee 2016 ranges will be accessible for hands on demonstrations, features and filming, offering exclusive insight into the high-tech innovations.

Team members from WowWee will also be available for interviews, talking about the new launches and being a leading developer and distributor of innovative hi-tech consumer robotic and consumer entertainment products.
By Ane Olesen 11 May, 2016

WowWee has announced its highly anticipated robotic dog CHiP™ will include a powerful new voice recognition feature that will enhance the interaction and play experience for the entire family. ChiP can even do Yoga with you now – taking chilling with your pet to a new level!

CHiP owners can now program their own name for their dog and CHiP will learn its new name and respond to it.

•   CHiP will follow commands such as: 'Come' - 'Sit' - 'Stay' - 'Lay down' - ‘Yoga’ where CHiP will do a handstand!

Expectant UK owners will have early access to pre-order ChiP from Amazon.co.uk from 1st of June for £199.99rrp with actual product arriving from 30th August.

The world’s newest ChiP breed will be also available across the UK from leading toy and tech retailers from September 2016.

CHiP (Canine Home Intelligent Pet) is the ultimate AI Robotic Dog and the latest innovation by WowWee, the makers of MiP™. Based on new Mechatronics, the latest in a combination of wireless technology, telecommunications engineering and a suite of advanced sensors, CHiP is truly the latest and greatest in robotic pets.

CHiP recognizes its master and responds to commands using the included SmartBand, a sleek, rechargeable wearable controller. Also, CHiP plays fetch and fun games with the SmartBall, interacting in all the ways a real dog would…CHiP even plays soccer with you!

After a day of endless fun, CHiP knows it’s time to head to its special SmartBed and recharge. With a 360-degree system of play that’s physical, digital and tactile, along with an intuitive, evolving app, CHiP is an exciting addition to today’s connected home and fun for all ages.

“We saw such an incredible demand from our IndieGoGo backers earlier this year that we sprinted to develop and include it in the final product. The WowWee team worldwide has created a robot that will change the way people of all ages interact with robotic pets,” said WowWee Chief Tech Officer Davin Sufer.

Please visit www.wowwee.com/CHiP for all the latest information.

About WowWee

Founded in 1988, WowWee is a leading designer, developer, marketer and distributor of innovative hi-tech consumer robotic and consumer entertainment products. The introduction of WowWee’s Robosapien™ robot in 2004 revolutionized the way people interact with robotic companions. One of the most popular entertainment robots in the world with global sales of more than 6 million units, the Robosapien robot was the first commercially available biomorphic robot – a fusion of technology and personality. MiP™, released in 2014, continues to be one of the world’s most popular consumer robots and the winner of more than 10 major Tech and Toy awards, including the Toy Industry Association’s TOTY award for Innovative Toy of the Year in 2015.

With offices in Montreal, San Diego and Hong Kong, WowWee’s focus on the development of breakthrough consumer technologies continues to forge new categories in personal robotics and entertainment with its imaginative, innovative, award-winning gadgets and toys. Please visit www.wowwee.com

By Blog Admin 01 Apr, 2016
Take the 'Haynes Build your own Engine' Challenge and build a realistic working model of a combustion, V8 or motorcycle engine. Each engine set includes light and sound features, light up spark plugs and moving engine parts.

Created by Trends UK with Haynes, the world’s leading publisher and retailer of car and motorcycle manuals, each model includes a Haynes Manual. Featuring easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and a guide to the working principles of the engine, the models are designed to be fun to put together. Building the models also teaches you how the full-size engines work.

The new Haynes Build Your Own FM Radio Advent Calendar lets you collect 24 parts to build a fully working radio.

Haynes Build Your Own FM Radio Advent Calendar NEW
Open the calendar everyday to collect 24 cool parts to build a working FM radio
No soldering or complicated assembly, just simple and safe parts that fit together
The calendar box turns into a cool retro style radio box
Connect each part and you are ready to pick up a signal on Christmas day
Available for   £19.99rrp

Haynes Build Your Own Internal Combustion Engine
Over 100 Parts
Electric Motor
Illuminating spark plugs
Engine starting noise replication
Step-by-step Haynes manual including diagrams
Available for   £34.99rrp

Haynes Build Your Own V8 Engine
Over 300 Parts
Electric Motor
Illuminating spark plugs
Engine starting noise replication
Step-by-step Haynes manual including diagrams
Available for   £49.99rrp

Haynes Build Your Own V-Twin Motorcycle engine
Over 75 Parts
Electric Motor
Illuminating spark plugs
Engine starting noise replication
Step-by-step Haynes manual including diagrams
Available for   £34.99rrp

For Media enquiries please contact:
Trends UK press office, Wire PR
By Blog Admin 01 Apr, 2016
New Nerf Elite Spinning Target and Nerf Elite Strike Blow Dart Blaster demonstrated at UK Toy Fair 2016. The new Nerf Elite range will be available in the UK from Trends UK from June 2016.

For Media enquiries please contact:
Trends UK press office, Wire PR
By Blog Admin 01 Apr, 2016
R.E.V’s are Robotic Enhanced Vehicles that are designed for combat. Leave the track behind, and then let the world be your battlefield. Equipped with cutting edge Artificial Intelligence, in conjunction with BeaconSense™ technology, REVs can drive, think, and fight for themselves.
Each A.I vehicle is hardwired to outwit, outplay and outlast YOU, their human opponents. The REV app features multiple game modes that let you showcase your skills.

Do you have what it takes to out do your robotic opponent?
Be warned…Intelligence can be dangerous.

Unsurpassed multiplayer and AI battle experience
Limitless app-based gameplay
Two R.E.V.’s in each pack for out-of-box action

Mobile app
Connect to R.E.V. via BLE connection
Multiple battle and game models
Compatible with iOS and Android devices

WowWee has over 25 years experience in consumer robotics and is famous for introducing
new technologies in affordable and exciting premium quality toys.

R.E.V. is distributed in the UK by Trends UK
Available to buy for £99.99rrp
Suitable for ages 8 and over

By Blog Admin 10 Feb, 2016
WowWee , a smart   toy company , has unveiled a robotic dog with blue-green LED eyes. The dog, aptly called CHiP (short for Canine Home Intelligent Pet), sits with the tap of a button, picks up your presence in the room via bluetooth and plays fetch. The sensor-loaded pup comes with a toy-watch looking wristband that allows it to pick up your whereabouts. When you're happy with your "pet's" response, you can press down a thumbs up on the wristband as a sign of approval -- it's the digital equivalent of a belly rub.
By Blog Admin 10 Feb, 2016


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